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Nursing: Finding Articles


Where to Start

A good place to start searching for articles is the Pumerantz Library Discovery Service, located on the library's homepage.  This searches multiple databases and our online catalog.

For a demonstration on how to search the discovery service, please view our tutorial.

For more specific searches you can move to an individual database.  Some good ones for nursing are:


For tutorials on how to use the individual databases, please visit our Tutorials LibGuide.

Identifying Parts of a Medical Scholarly Article


Most professors prefer that students use peer-reviewed, or refereed, journals when doing clinical research. Peer-review is a process by which a panel of experts must approve an article submission before it is published.

The term "scholarly" is sometimes used synonymously with peer-reviewed. A scholarly journal is one that is written by experts in a specific field. They usually contain original research and extensive bibliographies. Most scholarly journals are also peer-reviewed, however that should always be verified.

While certain databases will let you limit a search to only retrieve peer-reviewed articles, in most cases you will have to check for yourself. To determine if a journal is peer-reviewed, you have a few options.

  • Refer to the editorial statement or the instructions for authors in the hard copy of a journal. This would be located at the beginning or the end of a journal.
  • The journal's website should also have the peer-reviewed information. This would typically be located in a section that describes the journal, for example the "about us" or "information" page, or on the instructions for authors page.

Here is a list of all the databases we have that can limit to peer-reviewed:

Limits in CINAHL

You can use limits in the CINAHL database to find articles written by a nurse, or that are peer-reviewed, or that are written within a certain number of years.

For a demonstration on how to search CINAHL and PubMed, please view our tutorial.


PubMed Filters

For a demonstration on how to search CINAHL and PubMed, please view our tutorial.

You can use filters in PubMed to limit to Nursing Journals.  The filters are located on the left of the article results page.

Click on the  "Additional Filters" button near the bottom of the filters.


Select "Journal", then click the checkbox for "Nursing Journals".


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