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Conference Tips: Events


Types of Events

Paper Presentations‚Äč

A professional in their field will write and present a paper focusing on their recent research that they have performed on a specific topic. Audience members have a chance to ask questions at the end of the presentation.


Panel Presentations

Panels are made up of about 3 to 4 people who have been selected beforehand to share their thoughts about a specific topic. A moderator guides the topic along, asking questions that have been collection before the panel or takes questions from the audience during the panel.


Poster Presentations

Posters show off a single person's or collaborators' research that has usually been peer-reviewed and are set up for viewing in their own designated space mainly in the exhibit hall.



Conference attendees can register for a workshop in order to learn a new skill or technique that they can later apply to their existing work processes at the office. Workshops may take place during the official conference timeline or on a day before the official start of the conference. Usually, workshop registration require an extra fee to secure a place in the workshop, as attendance is limited; sometimes, attendees can go to a workshop free of charge.


Roundtable Discussions

Participants sit at a table and discuss topics and questions as provided by the talk's facilitators. Topics may include current trends in the medical field. There is no advance registration for roundtable discussions, and are open to anyone who is interested.

A Poster Session at WesternU Library

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