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Theses and Dissertations: MSHS


Your Submission Options

There are two different places your work can be stored and shared. CONTENTdm is our in-house repository for all electronic content and is openly accessible online. ProQuest's Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD) is a subscription-based database for theses and dissertations only. If you submit to ProQuest, your work will also be added to CONTENTdm, but not vice versa.

As an MSHS student, you can choose which submission option you prefer.

Why choose ProQuest?

ProQuest's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) database contains works from over 700 academic institutions. Choose ProQuest if:

  • You want more control over how your work is accessed
  • You want your work more broadly searchable from other institutions
  • You want to automatically submit for copyright registration
  • You want an easy option for ordering bound copies of your work
  • Click here for other reasons to choose ProQuest

Why choose CONTENTdm?

The library's repository (CONTENTdm) contains copies of WesternU theses, dissertations, and special projects. The collection is currently only available to the WesternU community, but we plan to eventually open it to everyone. CONTENTdm also makes your work downloadable. 

  • You want the choice of making it available only to the WesternU community
  • You want an easier submission process

Your Rights as an Author

As an author, you retain copyright of your work. This means you have the right to:

  • Make copies of your work
  • Distribute your work in any form you want to anyone you want
  • Create new works (such as articles or books) based on your research
  • Perform or display your work publicly
  • Grant any of these rights to anyone you choose

WesternU does not require you to transfer your copyright to us, but does ask you to grant us a non-exclusive right to archive your work and make it accessible to others. (Non-exclusive means that you can also grant this right to others. For example, you could post your work on a personal website or in a repository dedicated to your type of research.) We currently use CONTENTdm for this purpose, which is currently accessible to everyone at WesternU. We eventually plan to make this collection fully searchable on the open internet and accessible to everyone, but when we do, you will have a choice whether to make your work accessible to everyone or only the WesternU community.

If you need or wish to delay public viewing of your work, you can request an embargo for between one and three years.

Do I Want an Embargo?

What is an embargo?

An embargo is a delay in the release of the full text. If you choose an embargo, only the abstract will be searchable and viewable.

Why might I want an embargo?

  • You plan to rework your thesis or dissertation as an article for publication
  • Your work involves innovative or proprietary ideas and you want to submit for a patent
  • Your work is part of a larger project that is not yet ready to go public
  • Your adviser recommends you choose an embargo

How long of an embargo period can I choose?

  • You have a variety of embargo options in ProQuest. If you submit through ProQuest, you can also choose to delay the release of your work to CONTENTdm.
  • If you submit through CONTENTdm, you can choose an embargo on the full text for one, two, or three years. Only your abstract will be released until the end of the embargo period.

Submission Checklist

Ready to submit? For your convenience, use the submission checklist below to make sure everything is complete.

Since your thesis will be accessible online, please make sure that you do not include any personally identifiable information (such as signatures, date or city of birth, email address, etc.) about your or anyone else in your vita or appendices.

How to Submit to ProQuest

An explanation of the submission process can be found here. When you're ready to submit, you can go straight to the ProQuest submission page.

If you are submitting a dissertation or thesis via ProQuest, you will be asked to accept the WesternU Publishing Agreement at that time. Your work will then be added to CONTENTdm.‚Äč

How to Submit to CONTENTdm

Before submitting, you will need to fill out the WesternU Publishing Agreement. Please click here to download a copy.  

The library will need:

  • Signed copy of WesternU Publishing Agreement (emailed to reference@westernu.edu, or dropped it off in the library [Attention: Reference Department])
  • Digital copy of your work (PDF only; other formats require special permission) - this should include an UNSIGNED page listing the members of your committee
  • A copy of the SIGNED signature page from your committee members

Ordering Bound Copies

The library no longer requires a bound copy of your thesis. If you would like a bound copy for personal use, here are some options:

  • Kater-Crafts Bookbinders- Located in Pico Rivera, CA.
  • ProQuest- when submitting via ProQuest, you have the option of purchasing bound copies of your work for a fee. For more information, please click here.

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