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Description: Web of Science provides access to thousands of journals covering disciplines in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. You can use Web of Science to link to an article’s references and see how many times the article has been cited.

Access: Western University of Health Sciences authorized users only. Remote access via the proxy server available for currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of WesternU.

Provider: Clarivate Analytics

Coverage: List of Journals indexed in Web of Science, Science Citation Index

Subject Coverage: List of Subjects Covered in Web of Science, Science Citation Index

License Information:

Authorized Users

In relation to an academic institution, (i) Faculty, students, researchers, and staff of Western University of Health Sciences.

Authorized Site

Any of your Employee/Members/Users located at the specified locations or Authorized Sites may access the service with the login details. For the avoidance of doubt the specified locations/Authorized Sites include Western University of Health Sciences’ Oregon and California campuses.

Permitted Uses

Your permitted users may, for your internal business purposes only, view, download and print reasonable amounts of the data for their own individual use. We determine a “reasonable amount” of data by comparing a user’s activity against the average activity rates for all other users of the same product.

Users may on an infrequent, irregular and ad hoc basis, distribute limited extracts of our data as incidental samples or for illustrative or demonstration purposes in reports or other documentation created in the ordinary course of their role. We determine a ‘limited extract’ as an amount of data that has no independent commercial value and could not be used as a substitute for any service (or a substantial part of it) provided by us, our affiliates or third party providers. Data may also be distributed: (i) amongst authorized users; (ii) to government and regulatory authorities investigating you, if specifically requested; and (iii) to persons acting on your behalf, to the extent required to provide legal or financial advice to you, provided they are not competitors of Clarivate.

Prohibited Uses

Unless expressly permitted elsewhere in the agreement, you may only use the products for your internal business purposes and may not: (i) sell, sublicense, distribute, display, store, copy, modify, decompile or disassemble, transform, reverse engineer, benchmark, frame, mirror, translate or transfer our property in whole or in part, or as a component of any other product, service or material; (ii) use our property to create any derivative works or any products (including tools, algorithms or models) that compete with or provide a substitute for a product offered by Clarivate or its third party providers; or (iii) allow any third parties or unauthorized users to access, use or benefit from our property in any way whatsoever. In each case, exercising legal rights that cannot be limited by agreement is not precluded.

Unless expressly permitted elsewhere in the agreement for the relevant product, you must not (i) introduce any malicious software into our property or network; (ii) run or install any computer software or hardware on our products or network; (iii) download or scrape data from our products; (iv) perform any text or data mining or indexing of our products or any underlying data; (v) use our products or underlying data in conjunction with any third-party technology or any artificial intelligence, algorithms or models; or (vi) use our products or underlying data to develop or train any artificial intelligence, algorithms or models.

Remote Access

Your access to certain products is password protected. Sharing passwords is strictly prohibited. Each of
us shall maintain industry standard computing environments to ensure that our property is secure and inaccessible to
unauthorized persons.


For Web of Science data, you must provide us with attribution as described below:


The following copyright notice must appear at the bottom of every page or table that shows Web of Science content:

© [insert year] Clarivate

All usage of our data including in reports must include the following notice: “Certain data included herein are derived from the © [specified product name] (date) of Clarivate. All rights reserved. You may not copy or re-distribute this material in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Clarivate.”

How to display links to Web of Science in Third Party Software

When linking to the Web of Science from third party software, the text that should appear on the user interface is dependent on link type (see table below). The text should be hyperlinked, redirecting the user to the appropriate page in Web of Science. The product name must be italicized.

Link Type Text to display
Full Record Link View record in Web of Science
Citing Articles Link (if not anchored to the Times Cited Count) View citing articles in Web of Science

How to display Web of Science Times Cited Count and related Citing Articles Link in Third Party Software

When displaying the Web of Science Times Cited Count or a Citing Articles Link anchored to the Web of Science Times Cited Count, the third party software should identify that the Times Cited Count is from the Web of Science, pre-pending display of the count with the text “Web of Science Times Cited” as set out in the example below. If the third party software provider so chooses, the third party software provider may hyperlink the number presented to redirect the user to the citing articles page in the Web of Science.

Example: Web of Science Times Cited: 35

Privacy Policy:

Full policy:

Updated 8/4/21